IMA Lipper 90 - New Release

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The All New IMA Lipper 90

Designed with the hindsight of Suzuki Hitoshi, this brand new IMA model has just been released less than a week ago in Japan and has already made headlines amongst anglers. 

The lure replicates a minnow that swims at the depth of several centimeters, designed to swim within wave slowly or fast to attract predator bass with a swim action that is exquisite. 

With the shape and weight balance that has been perfectly calculated for optimal performance, the IMA Lipper swims several centimeters under the water surface on a slow or fast retrieve. The Lure designers at IMA  advised that seabass will sometimes not react to fast moving lure, and this is where the Lipper is perfect as it works flawlessly with both methods. 

One for the tackle box for any bass or salt, even freshwater water angler.


Lipper 90
[Full length] 90mm [Weight] 12g
[Type] floating
[Range] 1 to 20 cm
[Action] Wake
[Hook] # 4
[Ring] # 3

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