Decoy SN-6 W Snap #1 (40ib)


Decoy SN-9 Swivel Snap #0

A high-response power snap that can be opened and closed from both sides. The V-shaped vent prevents the knot from slipping, pulling out a stable lure action, and maximizing the wire strength. When a certain amount of force is applied, the cross lock part shifts sideways and stretches momentarily to obtain a cushioning effect and reduce line breaks. Furthermore, since it is a double door type, it can also be used as a rolling snap swivel by passing a rolling swivel etc. to the knot side.

  • Power type snap that can be opened and closed from both sides.
  • Ideal for lures that make good use of line slack such as jerk bait, topwater, and etc.
  • V-vent design that prevents knot slippage and maximizes strength.
  • High hardness SUS is used to suppress shape changes and improve breaking strength.