Mazume Red Moon Surf Special

Compared to the Rock Shore Special, which made the front pocket thinner to ensure a clear view of foot movement, the surf special is made for use on the beach where the footing is stable. and to look at the sea situation In the front of the jacket.

The storage capacity of the front pocket is greatly improved! The sub room on the front side of the two-tiered pocket has a 14 cm long minnow length and is equipped with a hard type lure rack so that it won't lose shape even if you use metal jigs.

Also, on the back is a soft cooler function so that cold drinks and food can be stored.

The standard gear comes with a landing tool holder, a small pouch and a plier holder.

On sandy beaches, sand inside the landing tools and may not open and function in case of emergency. In order to prevent that, the position of the tool holder is also able to be placed at a high place. Furthermore, the angle is diagonal to the lower right so that you can pull it out with your right hand instantly.

The fabric used is soft, high-adhesion material that fits the body so that the weight of the jacket is not felt during long periods.

The industry's first original waist harness system, designed by Mazume to eliminate the crotch belt from the conventional lifejacket and not feel the weight of the jacket while securing safety, becomes the NEW type, with one hand at the waist It can be fixed in the proper position.

By listening to the feedback of surf specialist anglers, a dedicated model was created.

The lure stock box in the pocket is being sold separately.
MZAS-324 Mazume lure stock BOX-17