Momoi Monofilament Shock Leader


Suppleness, Toughness just like a Fluorocarbon
MOMOI SHOCK LEADER is the best in class.

PE Casting & Jigging dedicated design model which raised the five features of flexibility, ease of handling, toughness, transparency, sensitivity to the limit.

This award-winning Line is set to change the industry where anglers use Fluorocarbon, they can now use Mono and have the added benefits without zero loss of typical Nylon drawbacks.
What's interesting about this is it has a very soft elongation thus if a fish hits a bait hard the line can snap, and or over rough ground etc, but this particular nylon shock leader avoids this problem thanks to its high elongation. In addition, you can tie much better knots than with fluorocarbon thanks to the softness. 

Material: Ultra High Strength MIJ Nylon 
Processing: UV Cut High Anti Wear Special Processing 
Color: Clear 
Winding Volume: 50 mtr Spool

Major features

  • The best suppleness in class, maximize distance and operability
  • Optimized design for friction knot maximizes line system 
  • Compared to the conventional nylon, the knot strength is greatly UP
  • MIJ Nylon inherits high wear resistance which is the biggest advantage
  • Superior transparency of the highest class in water (extremely high transparency compared to Fluorocarbon as that number)
  • By optimum elongation by size has high sensitivity design instantaneous power such as hook time instantly absorbed and dispersed. Likewise, the reaction is transmitted to the hands of the angler



Reliability testified by 100years of history

Momoi Fishing is the pioneer of fishing line developments. In 1951, it became the first company in the world to adopt synthetic fiber as the material for fishing lines.
Momoi Fishing began manufacturing nylon monofilaments since around 1955, shortly after the popularization of synthetic fiber. Since then, through repeated failure and success, acquire the technology to produce high-quality synthetic fiber.

The wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and technology for monofilaments, which has been accumulated over the years, are utilized extensively in the manufacturing of Momoi’s lines, which leads to winning our customers’ trust. The 100 years is the accumulation of the betterment of our products, reflecting our users’ voices in each and every step… The high quality of Momoi fishing lines speaks for our long history as a company committed to manufacturing.

Consistent manufacturing from material to processing and thorough quality control

One of the main reasons that Momoi Fishing is the “fishing line specialist” is that we have been one of the first companies to adopt the “consistent manufacturing policy,” which is to handle every single manufacturing procedure within the company, and have literally been consistent with it ever since.

As a fishing line manufacturer, we have developed the “extruding technology”, “weaving technology” to HPPE fibers, and the “special processing technology” on dyeing and coating. By making full use of high-quality skills in every single manufacturing procedure, Momoi Fishing has been successful in continuously producing high-quality lines.

In addition, the manufacturing of the lines using synthetic fiber actually requires a great deal of subtlety as the optimal extruding slightly varies depending on each climate, temperature, and humidity. People tend to think that the consistency of product quality is easy to achieve and relies fully on machines. However, in order to consistently produce the same quality of lines by taking in consideration the differences such as seasons and humidity, you will need keen sensitivity nurtured through experiences and high technological skills.
The “Momoi’s spirit” is our strong commitment to the consistency of the high level of the product quality, which is realized through thorough quality control.

Product development ability and comprehensive care that embodies the users’ needs

Another advantage that Momoi Fishing has is the ability to develop new products. We have accumulated the ability to reflect the users’ voices to our products through accumulating experiences in-line manufacturing.

This development ability is supported by our own sales network, which does not involve intermediary channels such as trading companies. What we value the most is the sense of directness between the customers and ourselves. Thus we sell our products directly to our customers, which makes their voices easier to reach us. In fact, Momoi carries a number of fishing lines born from our customers’ voices. Our big advantage is that we can respond to the demands and opinions from around the world directly and timely by reflecting them onto our products, not to mention the lines fitting to the Japanese fishing style.

We also offer a comprehensive care service from development to manufacturing to distribution to after-sales care, that is only possible by employing the business style that handles both manufacturing and distribution within one company. As for after-sales care, the fact that we can directly listen to the customers’ needs leads to their great peace of mind.

Further into the new century…

Momoi’s Spirit & Proof that we stand by our quality
Momoi has proven itself with the facts that have a history of over 100 years since 1905. And now, we are making our first steps into the creation of the new century.