Shimano Vanquish 4000MHG

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Lighter, Smoother and just incredible, the all New Shimano Vanquish Reel.

From the body and rotor to handle and shafts, this new Vanquish has been successfully made lighter, resulting in an ease of operability never felt before. Shimano was not only able to significantly reduce the weight of the reel, but we have also managed to improve on the water-resistant properties, gear rigidity, and gear durability. By applying a feature that only Stella has, the new Vanquish comes with a long stroke spool which helps in casting further distances. As the most evolved of all Vanquish models, this reel caters especially to the needs of anglers which apply delicate techniques to their fishing styles.

Our Shimano product Selection are exclusive JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) products, and we offer the full range.