Tailwalk Troutia 76M-24g

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Tailwalk Troutia 76M Spinning Rod for Trout, Salmon & LRF

The Tailwalk Troutia is a premier line up of Salmon & Trout rods, designed and built by Tailwalk Japan. Fully equipped with the finest components for optimum performance, these are designed to be fished with tiny Mepps spinners and the like and the sentative action provides great sport. These have the high standards of Tailwalk Japan. 

The powerful Tailwalk Troutia 83MH, has a casting weight of 28 grams making it a versatile rod for Salmon, Trout using baits such as Spoons in the range of 7 to 28g.

Tailwalk Troutia Series

Fishing for salmon on small streams has always been a particularly elegant and nature-loving way of trout fishing. Eye-catching colors and futuristic designs are therefore out of place. So it is not surprising that the high-end Tailwalk Troutia line-up is rounded off by a very tasteful, classic exterior.

The new standard in Freshwater rods.