Shimano DIALUNA S96M -45G

by Shimano
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The Highly anticipated New DIALUNA S96M

Exclusive JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Model

The new Dialuna is the ultimate JDM saltwater inshore rod. It has a technically advanced blank which is very strong, sensitive and light, making it perfect for its purpose: inshore distance fishing. If you’re looking for the perfect long-distance seabass rod: the new Dialuna is the one. The new designed blanks feature Spiral X, Hi-Power X and Muscle Carbon technologies, the action is perfectly developed to progressively load the lure weight and release it with a fast recovery tip action. The blanks are equipped with Fuji SiC-S guides, the new Shimano Ci4+ Perfection reel Seat and EVA split grip, resulting in an extremely lightweight and sensitive rod (Taftec solid tip in S86-L model). The New Dialuna range is available in a few different lengths and casting weights, to better suit all the different needs of the dedicated seabass inshore angler.

  • Spiral X 
  • High Power X 
  • Tuftec (S86L - S) 
  • Muscle Carbon 
  • Perfection Sheet CI 4+ (Spinning) 
  • Multiparming Sheet CI 4+ (Bait) 
  • Stain Frame K Guide

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Due to the high demand of these in Japan, there can at times be a wait time, in most cases, it's only a couple of weeks but for more info please contact us otherwise we will confirm the delivery date automatically when purchased.