KN95 FFP2 FDA Approved Respirators Mask - (Single Pack)


FFP2 KN95 Respirators 

Featuring 5 layers of filtering from a certified manufacturer.

Don't rely on bandannas and folded T-shirts.

These are KN95, independently tested to meet or exceed stringent performance standards required of global '95' models that filter over 95% of airborne particles. (N95 = KN95 = FFP2) 

Limited stock available.

High-Performance Protection

  • Filter performance: Above 95%
  • 5 layers of protection
  • Forms tight seal around nose and mouth to keep out unwanted visitors. We recommend doing a fit test first and adjusting using an elastic behind the head if it's loose. 
  • Double layer of meltblown fabric filter, the most expensive and key component of the mask
  • We recommend at least 3 masks per person and that you alternate masks for each day you wear it. Throw away if there is any visible soiling.


  • Reusable.
  • Made in longstanding FDA and CE certified factory with over a decade of manufacturing experience in medical devices. 
  • Elastic loops comfortably around the ears. 
  • Metal nose bridge used to form a close seal around your nose and mouth.

Mask may vary slightly from the photo but will be the same grade