ZENAQ Answer PLAISIR PA93 RG-Spinning Rod 10-25g



he New upgraded version of the PLAISIR Series Rod that ZENAQ has been producing for about ten years has even further enhancements. Designed to fish Seabass (boat or shores) in estuaries, creeks etc, and is perfect for working hard or soft lures. Fine, Super Light and Perfectly balanced the PLAISIR ANSWER allow the angler to fish for long periods of time without getting tired due to its lightweight and perfect ergonomics. The new series of Rods are equipped with RG rings which are much lighter and allow better guidance of the braid by limiting friction, resulting in further casts. With the RG rings, you feel the action of the lure like never before, the slightest attack is predictable thanks to the montage sensitive design. This Rod series has been perfected with the R&D for over 10 years. Like all ZENAQ Rods, these are hand built to absolute perfection in Japan. 

The ZENAQ PLAISIR ANSWER is developed for Salt / Seabass Fishing as the main target from the shore and these can also be used as Freshwater rods also. There are 8 different types specialized for different situations. ZENAQ original “RG Guide System” is equipped. This is specialized for use of PE (braided) lines.

ZENAQ Answer PLAISIR PA93RG – 6/20LB – Casting Weight 10/25g – PE#0,6/PE#2