Coreman VJ-16 Vibration- clear silver/aqua blue

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COREMAN LURE VJ-16 Vibration Jig Head

The number 1 Soft Bass lure in Japan.

The Corman sot lure has been developed by Japan's leading Seabass / Saltwater anglers and is ranked as one of the best vibration jig head lures on the market. 

This isn't your average lure, the swim action of this outclass anything on the market. The lure generates vibrations that the whole body shakes exquisitely, it vibrates which sea bass and other predatory fish are attracted to, and the way it swims allows the anglers to fish an array of terrain, from shallow to deep waters. 

Color: # 042 Silver head / horse mackerel (clear silver / aqua blue)
LENGTH 90 mm
RING Corman original # 1
HOOK Gamakatsu Treble 13 # 10
WORM Corman CA-02 Alkaline Shad

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