Decoy Worm 217 Zero Dan


Decoy Worm 230G Maxus Blade 

Drop, strike, Penetrate. Equipped with high response ZD system.

Zero Dan Worm 217" is a high response down shot system with a sinker and hook set directly on the swivel. The structure makes it easy to penetrate the cover and has excellent bottom sensing performance. It should be noted that its fall posture, the structure in which the sinker falls linearly in advance, enables a tighter attack on structures such as stakes, synergizes with the action response of the worm, and the difference is in a pressured situation. It will be obvious. The "DS-6 type stick", which emphasizes pickpocketing, is used as the sinker. A small size that is also aimed at the bait finesse approach will be added, and the range of fishing at Zerodan will be further expanded.