IMA Honey Trap 95S Bora- 25g


The IMA Honey Trap 95S is a pencil type shallow diving, lipless bait designed for targeting sea bass over rocky shorelines.

At 25grams, this lure with its small profile will cast a miles, getting it into the strike zone with ease. When retrieved, the lure will produce a tight slalom-like action that produces intense flash off its tall-bodied profile to entice a strike.

Can also used for Seatrout and various other fishing types, a perfect all-around versatile lure


JAN : 4539625129224
Overall Length : 95mm
Weight : 25g
Type : Sinking
Range : 30 - 80cm
Action : Slalom
Hook : #3
Ring : #4
Birthday : 2006/12/21
Recommended area: Rocks on the seashore, Surf, Estuary, Offshore