IMA Komomo SF-125 Bora Glow- 16g


IMA Komomo 

Only a few Lures can claim the credit the IMA Komomo has. This Lure is arguably one of the best Lures made for Seabass and other saltwater predators. IMA Japan further fine tuned this by lowering the center of gravity position to achieve an even more enhanced swim action to attract the target fish. The tungsten weights are positioned perfectly which allows great casting distance and it can be used with various fishing techniques. From Surf to estuaries, the Komomo covers them all.

  • [Overall length] 125mm
  • [Weight] 16g
  • [Type] Floating
  • [Range] ~ 30cm
  • [Action] Rolling + Wobbling
  • [Hook] # 4
  • [Ring] # 3
  • [Main target] Sea bass
  • [Recommended area] Tidal flat / estuary / river

About IMA 

IMA Japan is one of the most prestigious hard lure manufacturers in Japan. IMA earned its reputation by creating an extremely extensive and premium product lineup for both fresh and saltwater. The IMA brand was launched in April 1998 capturing the inshore market with the release of the komomo SF-125, a super shallow runner that runs true at about 1 foot below the surface. Almost immediately, Japanese anglers realized the komomo’s fish catching ability and made it one of Japan’s & Irelands best-selling lures, since its debut. The ima brand is now marketed worldwide and is as one of the world's most renowned Lure brands.