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Jackall Japan has developed a specific Flick Shake worm and Jig Head, which works together as a system. The Flick Shake worm has a built in curved design, which creates a squirming action that the fish cannot resist. The Flick Shake worm is also salt injected and has a live bait scent. The jig head's eye is designed at a ninety-degree angle for better hook setting and less snags. The hook has a short shank to allow the worm more action. The tungsten weight allows the worm to sink faster and has a smaller head to create the right action. Jackall mastermind Seiji Kato used it to win the co-angler title at the 2007 Amistad Bassmaster Elite. 4.8 Inch Package Contents : 8 Per Pack 5.8 & 6.8 Inch Package Contents : 7 Per Pack

Perfect for a range of Fishing species, and an excellent option for Seabass Fishing. Can also be rigged similar to the Do Lie Stick with a Weedless, Offset Hook.