Minscraft Terion VIB80- MS-039


The TERION VIB80 series was developed to embody a realistic vibration and wavelength that a baitfish makes. The VIB series includes glass rattle in order to convey a sound wave to a further distance. The forward-oriented design facilitates the lure arriving at a certain water level without wobbling when the bait is free-falling. It has a holographic foil that draws attention from target fish from any angle by maximizing the reflection of light even at the time of low intensity. It also casts like a bullet.


  • Body Length: 80mm (3-1/8")

  • Weight: 28g (1oz)

  • Buoyancy: Sinking

  • Running Depth: Free Fall


  • Best in Class Quality

  • Hand Spray Process with Durability

  • High-Quality Paint with Visuality

  • Internal Holographic Foil

  • 3D Holographic Eyes

  • High Strength Treble Hooks

  • Weight Balanced System with
    Long Casting Design

  • Glass Rattle Inside