Shimano EXSENCE GENOS S100MH- 48g

by Shimano
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Shimano EXSENCE GENOS S100MH Wild Contact 100

The all New Shimano GENOS 

The Shimano GENOS is another offering from the Shimano premier JDM lineup of Seabass rods that are in a league of their own.

The Exsence Genos is an Exclusive Japan only model, and we offer the full range.

Model: EShimano EXSENCE GENOS S100MH- 48g

The GENOS is fully equipped with the Next generation of Rod technology like the INFINITY line up and offers four different models.

This is an Exclusive JDM only model and we provide the full range.

  • Spiral X Core 
  • High Power X 
  • X Guide Aerotitanium (Butt Guide) 
  • Nano Pitch 
  • Exit Sheet CI 4+
  • NEW Carbon Monocoque Grip 
  • Soft Tube Top (S92ML / F-3) 
  • Muscle Carbon 
  • Torzite Ring Top guide is SiC ring) 
  • Titanium frame guide 
  • Active ferrule (S810ML / R, S97MH / F) 
  • Three piece rearrangement (S92ML / F-3) 
  • Reverse steering (S96M / R, S90MH / R) 
  • Hook keeper

Due to limited supply, there is a wait time on this product. Please contact us for details.