by Shimamo

The Highly Anticipated EXSENCE INFINITY

The Shimano EXSENCE INFINITY is an Exclusive Japan only model and we offer the full range.

The Shimano’s Exsence Infinity is the Ultimate Seabass/Salt Rod rod and prides itself as one of the lightest, strongest high-performance rods on the market. This is the Next generation of Rod technology available today. This is an Exclusive JDM only model and we provide the full range.

  • Spiral X core 
  • High power X 
  • X guide Aerotitanium (S1000ML / RF, S1000M / RF) 
  • Nano pitch 
  • Nano Alloy ® technology 
  • High strength material "Torayca ® T1100G" 
  • Carbon monocoque grip (inverted triangle type) 
  • Exfit Sheet CI 4+ (spinning) 
  • Multiparamental touch CI 4+ (bait) 
  • Torzite ring (top guide is Sic ring) 
  • Titanium frame guide 
  • Active ferrule 
  • Hook keeper