Shimano LUNAMISU S906ML-6 to 28G

Shimano LUNAMISU S906ML-6 to 28G

  • €479,95


Perfect for fishing a range of lures from Minnows, Pencils, vibrations baits, light metal jigs and similar. This particular model has a very sensitive tip end.

The lightweight design is compatible with light operability and high sensitivity that clearly enhances lure action and is an all-around spinning rod that can cover a range of disciplines, particularly for Seabass Fishing.

As with the other high-end JDM Shimano Rods, it's equipped with the new "Muscle Carbon" technology that reduces the weight and adds high sensitivity to the rod blank. The Ci4+ material, developed by Shimano, has been used as a reel seat, which also has the titanium Fuji Torozite guides that create the"no weight" feel. The Lunamis is a powerful weapon.

CI 4 + reel seat (spinning) + even fit Fit CI 4 + hood
Multi-paring sheet CI 4 + (bait) + even fit Fit CI 4 + hood
Torozite ring (excluding top guide) Titanium frame K guide

Spiral X
High Power X
Soft Tube Top (S809 LST)
Muscle Carbon