Tailwalk FullrangeCC-C83XH/CC


The Tailwalk Fullrange is a premier freshwater rod, used in Japan & US for Freshwater Bass applications and in Europe for Pike. These are versatile super light and sensitive rods and pack all the usual Tailwalk high-quality components. The range offers a vast array of options to suit various fishing styles.

Long Casting Model, ideal for Large Baits such as Jointed Swim Baits Heavier Carolina Rigs, Vibration Lures, Chatter Baits, & Texas Rigs

Bait Finesse Special model which has a Solid Tip, works perfectly with Wacky Rigs with a 3.5g Sinker, Small Rubber Jigs and similar.

Middle Range Model, great for Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Vibration, Minnows, Topwater Crankbaits, and Soft Baits Lures.

Versatile model, ideal for Spinnerbaits, Texas Rigs, Rubber Jigs, it's an all-around model, which can be used with a range of Soft lures & Hard plugs, such as crankbaits.

Perfect for large Bait Lures, from Swimbaits, Texas Rigs, Rubber Jigs, Spinner Baits and the like.

Light Model, great for small plastics like shad and topwater lures.

Long Casting model. This model is ideal for various Rigs like the Carolina, Rubber Jigs & various lures like topwater, Swimbaits & crankbaits.



All Tailwalk rods purchased come with a full warranty.