Tailwalk Kuroshio Offshore Cast 80XH -120G


Tailwalk Kuroshio

If you target big Game Fish Offshore and want a versatile rod that will stand the toughest battles, then this is the rod you need. There are a few different models covering a range of Fish types & techniques. All rods in the range are light and packed with power.

70ML - Perfect for using Plugs, Poppers & Jigs up to 50 grams

80M - Has the max casting weight rated at 80 Grams, perfect for a range of Poppers and Jigs.

80H -Built to fight Tuna and similar, is ideal for Jigs/Lures up to 100 grams

80 XH -Is the toughest in the range, with the max casting rated at 120 Grams and can work various Lures/JIgs.