Tailwalk Light Gamer TZ S66UL-9G

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Tailwalk Light Gamer TZ

This is Tailwalks High-End Light Game (LRF) rod, its loaded with the very finest components, it feels and looks fantastic.

S66UL - The classic model for light game (LRF) Fishing in areas such as ports, small streams and similar. Can be used with light metals, rubber jigs, and small plugs.

S77L - This is the middle range model, which is very versatile and has a Soft Tip, great for various techniques using an array of baits, be it Soft Lures, Metals and similar. This can also handle an array of Fish species.

S88ML - This is the longest & higher rated model, with the max casting weight of 28 grams, this rod can handle Plugs, Vibration Lures, Light Jigs and similar. This model can also handle a wide range of fish.