VARIVAS High Grade PE X4 Green

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The Varivas HIGH-GRADE braid is a versatile range from VARIVAS, available in both x4 & x8 strand. It's the perfect line for a range of disciplines, from Bass, Trout, Pike, Salmon and more. The HIGH GRADE is woven using a VARIVAS process that makes it harder and stronger than a standard braid. This braid is coated with a coating that protects it by making it waterproof and also allows it to obtain a very good glide (castability) in the rod rings. The resistance and sensitivity of the HIGH-GRADE PE make it a precision braid which ranks amongst the best on the market.

Includes 2.5m length of VEP Nylon for leaders
  • A.ll purpose PE braid
  • 4 Carrier Braid
  • Suitable for salt and freshwater use
  • Perfect for LRF
  • Available in #0.6PE, #0.8PE, #1.0PE and #1.2PE
  • Marked at 25m intervals
  • Sensitive and Super Strong
  • Includes 2.5m length of VEP Nylon for leaders
  • Colour - Flash Green
  • Made in Japan
  • 150m spool