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Ballistick 92ML TZ / NANO Ballistic 92ML TZ Nano   

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A medium light class rod with a delicate tip that is ideal for putting minnows into action such as twisting and jerks. The design is carefully designed for the response and sensitivity at the time of action input. It is recommended not only for standard sea bass fishing but also for the development of invitations that emphasize lure action in all situations.


The standard lineup Ballistic TZ NANO series (7 models in all) is a seabass rod that achieves a new dimension of performance based on Toray Industries, Inc.'s nanoalloy® technology, which is used as a torusitetling guide and blank material. 

Ballistic TZNANO is not just a mere version upgrade of the conventional ballistic series but has been developed with a fundamentally new approach. 

Achieves flight distance improvement in any situation, and achieves sufficient flight distance not only in full cast with pendulum foam with a long drop, but also in short drip cast in the situation without backspace. In addition, the sensitivity is not simply increased to transmit the bodily sensation signal, but the blank is used to suppress the blur and absorb the shock and transmit the signal to the angler without interruption, giving natural high sensitivity performance that allows even the material to be grasped. 

With this high sensitivity performance, you can be sure to guarantee hookset, and at the time of a fight, you can also feel the direction of the fish's head as if it were in hand. As a result, it is possible to improve the hooking rate and landing rate of short bytes, and shorten the fight time. The sense of the performance of these new dimensions is accustomed, but if used well it will bring an advantage to the angler that the quality of the game itself will change.


This is a comparison of bending with a static load of 500 g applied vertically to the ballistic series. (Rod angle · approx. 37 °) Bait model · Hirasu Suzuki model displays the rod silhouette in gray. 

All blanks except the 73ML and 710XH using the bait models use blanks based on nanoalloy® technology. Since it is a blank that bends and restores momentarily as a characteristic, the image is different between static load and bending from cast to fight. When fighting at the NANO blank, the angler may feel that the rod is bent and stored, but it may also appear to be unbent when viewed by the side. At this time, the rod does not bounce with hardness, but repeats tracking and repulsion momentarily, and continues to put pressure on the fish load. The angler side responds to the speed, which makes it easier to float the fish during the fight. 
※ Static load comparison does not represent all of the rod characteristics. Because it is a comparison that is limited to the state where Omori is hanging down to the bottom only quietly, the speed of rebound etc. is not expressed. Please use it for your understanding.