ZEAKE S-Gravity Head 14g - Silver

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ZEAKE S-Gravity Head

One of the most highly anticipated new lures in Japan, and it was worth the wait. This lures covers a very wide range of applications, its been very popular among Japanese Bass anglers and is considered an all-round versatile saltwater lure. It can also be used for Freshwater also.

The SG Gravity (surf, gravity) head employs a plug head different from the conventional jig head rig, and by providing buoyancy to the head part, it can attack a wide range from shallow areas that were difficult to attack until now to offshore deep areas.
Head + worm set that combines plug body flushing + worm natural swimming.
Plug head designed based on the silhouette of anchovy, the main bait of fish eater.

Equipped with an external sinking sinker below the tip. With the buoyancy of the head and the weight of the sinker, fall slowly while maintaining a horizontal posture.
Good water entanglement and easy range keeping make it possible to find the target point in detail and extend the appeal time to the target.
Inside the head, the strength is increased by integrally forming the line eye, hook eye, belly eye, and worm keeper through the penetrating wire, and it also supports large targets. By adopting a hook fixing method with a wire hanger for the lower hook, the hooking efficiency is improved without hindering the worm's natural swimming.

The setting method is easy, worms are stuck to the worm keeper that arrived at the back of the body, the hook hanger that comes standard with the belly eye is attached to the worm, and the hook hanger is entangled with the worm keeper wire, reducing the displacement of the installed worm .
It can easily be attached to and detached from worms other than the standard gravity worm, so it can be used with your existing worm.

Display 14g, 21g, 28g can be divided into flying distance, sinking speed and swimming range by selecting the weight type according to the situation by the number of g of sinking weight, realizing a reliable attack against the target Did.


ZEAKE S-Gravityy Head