ZEAKE S-Gravity Vibration 95 Cotton Candy- 28g


ZEAKE S-Gravity Vibration 95 

SG Gravity (surf, gravity) vibration is a tight-rolling vibration Lure developed with surf game as the main field.

The internal structure is designed to increase strength with penetrating wires, and the front hook eye has a built-in ball bearing to securely hook the bite from below and reduce the variance.

The thin body shape reduces air resistance and increases casting distance, and when reeling, the body drains the water and trembles in small increments, appealing by rolling flushing. When you add a jerk action, it is dazzling right and left with a splash action to trigger predatory Fish. A natural appeal with a tight rolling wave swimming that can be transmitted by the rod. Easy stop-and-go invitation and jerk action make it easy for anyone to use. It is a tight rolling type vibration Lure that can be used for runner targets such as bluefish and sea bass in addition to flatfish. This is a perfect lure for the Surf.

Total length 9.5cm 28g