If you fish on the edge and you have to cast great distances but also to need dexterity using your technical lures, then it is a DEFI MUTHOS that you need! The blanks of the DEFI MUTHOS are fine, light, nervous but so powerful when it comes to fishing fish.

Casting Weight 14/60g

Line: PE#1,2/PE#2

Casting Weight 14/60g

Line: PE#1,2/PE#2


Defi Muthos The Out Range 105

The Defi Muthos 105 allows to reach the edge of very great distances with light lures between 20 and 40gr. The Regular Fast action of the Defi Muthos 105 is ideal for the animation of long distance lures to which you have to give the amplitude to make them swim. It is the perfect cane for fishing the bar or the wolf of the edge in the rocks, on the beach or in the rollers.

Defi Muthos 100H Accura

The Defi Muthos 100H Accura has the ability to handle a wide range of lures: jigs, poppers, stickbaits, fish swimmers with or without bib. This rod has the power of a 100HH with a superior ability to control lures because of its rapid action.

Defi Muthos 96HH

The Defi Muthos 96HH throws a little less than the 100HH but it handles the lures better because its action is faster.

Defi Muthos SONIO 100M

The DEFI MUTHOS SONIO 100M is a medium power rod designed to fish from the edge, very sensitive it is able to control lures of 10g but is powerful enough to fight with big fish in the rocks.

Defi Muthos 100HH Accura

The Defi Muthos 100HH Accura is an unparalleled throwing rod, it is ideal to go to Gabon fish red carp, tarpon, captains. Thanks to this rod, you will reach without any problem the fish which are sometimes beyond 60 meters then you will have the reserve of power necessary to fight fish up to 30kg.

Defi Muthos 100HHH

The Defi Muthos 100HHH is one of the only rods in the market able to stop the edge of fish over 40kg, red carp, tarpon, bulldog sharks or large catfish.