ZENAQ TOBIZO TC83-150G-90/180g


ZENAQ has put all its experience to 60 years of manufacturing rods in the service of this new series of launching rods called TOBIZO. The all-new TORAY T1100G carbon has been used to give these rods maximum potential. The greatest asset of this series of TOBIZO rods lies in its long-distance Casts. Imagine that you can Cast 10m more and that you Cast 100 times, that represents a significant difference of 1 km. With a TOBIZO, you will not only launch further but you will only need to use 80% of your physical abilities, so you can also launch longer and in the end, you will Catch more fish. Long distance and lifting power are normally incompatible. A very stiff Rod does not give you more strength to fight a big fish because it will not absorb the pressure by the fish, this pressure will directly affect your body. The lifting power of a rod is not related to its stiffness but to the elasticity with which you can easily give power to the Rod which in turn will lift the fish. A stiff Rod is not a good Casting Rod, the TOBIZO rods solve this problem of the incompatibility between the search of casting distance and the search for lifting power thanks to the meeting of a ZENAQ know-how and of an innovative TORAY T1100G carbon that solves the challenge for a carbon fiber to be both resilient and flexible.

Casting Weight: 90/180g

Line: 50/80LB – PE#5/PE#8

 TC80-50G Technical Game
This rod TC80-50G launches accurately at very great distance thanks to a ramp RG rings. It animates and controls perfectly the action your lures with a weight around 50g thanks to the elasticity of its blank, while the sensitivity of its scion allows not to miss the slightest touch, even the most subtle. It is ideal for looking for 3 to 10 kg fish, barracudas, bonito, small trevallies, small red carp ...

TC80-80G All Round Game
The TC80-80G is the most versatile rod in the TOBIZO series. It is perfect for casting lures around 80g and looking for fish up to 20kg. With its wide weight range of 40 to 110g and its blank equipped with a ring RG ramp, the TC80-80G produces very long distance throws and offers you a perfect control of the actions of your lures while delivering you a power important lifting. This cane will face all situations and will be your ideal partner to search for fish from 7 to 20kg, yellowfin, trevallies, tarpon, red carp ...

TC86-110G Tuna Game
The TC86-110G is from all TOBIZO rods the one that launches the furthest. Thanks to her, you will be able to check the TOBIZO concept: "go farther than ever". This cane reveals its full potential with lures whose weight is around 110g and is particularly suitable for tuna fishers. Beyond its very high launching performance, the elasticity and strong resilience of its blank make it possible to stop the startling of a tuna and then fight it with strength thanks to a great lifting power. This cane represents the perfect match between ZENAQ's know-how and the performances of the latest TORAY T1100G carbon. The TC86-110G is perfect for looking for fish between 15 and 60kg, tunas, GT, red carp, tarpon.

TC83-150G Tuna and GT
The best potential of this TORAY T1100G carbon super blank is revealed in this TOBIZO TC83-150G thanks to ZENAQ's know-how. Perfectly balanced, this cane reduces the feeling of weight and therefore the fatigue that results. The TC83-150 will allow you to significantly increase your ability to fish in the long run which often makes the difference during a fishing trip. This cane is ideal for looking for fish between 20 and 80kg such as tuna or GT.

TC80-200G GT
The TC80-200G is the most powerful cane of the TOBIZO series, it is aimed at fishermen looking for bigger tunas and larger GTs. This cane propels lures around 200g without problems and has the power to quickly get out of the coral potatoes hyper muscle fish. The handling of this rod is easy despite its phenomenal power, the TC80-200G is the ultimate weapon for seasoned fishermen. It is ideal for tackling fish from 30 to 100kg or more, GT monsters and tunas.